Is it bad or good to have cyber sex?

Sexual life, as well as communication, today often passes in virtual space. Most often choose such type of sex of the man from fifteen to fifty-five years. It is a lot of among them what have problems in family and with the real partner. And a part fond live sex visit the psychotherapist and the sexologist.

The practicing sexologist who wanted to remain anonymous tells about problem dependence on sex in cyber space and about positive things:

What represents the concept of cyber sex?

– It the relationship between two people based on sexual nature when for interaction and communication on this subject the communication equipment is used. Such people have sexual satisfaction by means of technical means, giving each other incentives necessary for this purpose.

Incentives can be different. The simplest are exciting messages by means of SnapChat, Skype, Live webcam chat rooms and other types of real time interaction apps. There can be audio-format incentives when exciting phone conversation is used. The visualized incentives turn out when using the webcam in online, when viewing porn clips and other movies of erotic contents. It is possible to receive visual incentives and in 3D – games in which there is a possibility of management of behavior of the thought-up computer hero. Tactile incentives receive by means of use of the sex toys capable to transfer at distance to the second participant of communication feeling of temperature, tactile sense and similar.

Having online sex both – young, and elderly?

– There are no borders in the age range of people who prefer to have sex in virtual reality. But, statistically, all this is more often than the man. If to take teenagers, then at the age of puberty of a libido reads off scale and on this state thirst of knowledge of the world is imposed. But at such age it is still difficult to realize sexual energy therefore teenage experiments on the Internet which conceal in themselves considerable danger are so frequent.

older couple having sex, blowjob

The danger is that at continuous contact with virtual partners there is a chance to be fond, so it is simpler, than to get acquainted in the real world and to build in it the relations. Two years to thirty former teenager understands that it is time to leave in Real, but it often is wrapped in a big stress. He cannot get acquainted, does not know about what it is possible to talk, is not even able to look in eyes to the hypothetical partner. And it comes back to the world of live sex where itself further and further closes. And the more passes time, the it is more complex to leave from there as, in difference from the teenager, it is much heavier to adult to be accustomed to the environment.

If to sort the people of advanced age who were in to online sex then frequent are those who are not happy and have a problem in family. Years – piece artful. And when reactions of an organism gradually begin to die away, having the computer it is much easier to go to the world of pleasures of the Internet, than to try to correct something in real. Thus, he kind of compensates impossibility of similar actions in real.

The person “hides” in virtual online life?

The word “virtuality”, in translation “hidden, potential, possible in principle”. It is possible to decipher it as something imperfect or yet not made. A certain game of concepts turns out.

Sex on the Internet has features and lines. First, during virtual sex there cannot be an interaction between partners physical. Secondly, there is an access to any attractive object at any time. Thirdly, there is a moment of full or partial anonymity. Fourthly, there is an implementation of the decision on duration and a form of process.

It is necessary to notice that common feature – an engagement problem with the partner. Distancing from the partner or in the hidden command of Besides, for the person important only the pleasure is shown.

The lack of direct interaction as it is impossible to entrust everything to the equipment and communications becomes the most weakened place in online sex chat rooms. Online there is no feeling of life and feeling of unpredictability, there is no such interest, as in real life. Though sometimes and not to do without online sex, for example if partners in separation or someone from them is ill.

Let’s understand why so many people in the sexual plan want to separate from the partner as it can not always be explained with lack of experience and confidence.

There are conditional divisions of the people practicing sex on live webcams:

  •     people are curious who want to test a variety and novelty;
  •     the people puzzled who want to compensate problem private life;
  •     people dependent and anxious which already have painful thirst for cyber sex.

It is possible to tell about the last category of people that two thirds from them never had real sexual contact.

At brief experience in real, constraining people fear the relations “eye to eye”. The people allocated with the perverted desires and imaginations by means of virtuality try to realize them without prejudice to themselves and people around. There are also such which in real life tried if not all, then a lot of things therefore try live sex to diversify the feelings.

The problem of cyber sex is not clear, it really deserves analysis and attempt of the decision as everything is much more complex, than can seem at first. Now Internet access is everywhere. The computer at work, at home, in the car and in a pocket. And there is a lot of temptation to conduct communication, to get acquainted and get sex emotions by means of the Internet – it is so simple and available and as a lot of time is saved. Let’s say you feel the urge to have cam sex so you go straight to jasminlive vip girls to watch live sex show instantly. This is how easy is to access cyber sex now.

Many get to such trap, but many also quickly jump out of it. The same who could not “leave” in time, but wants to change itself and to go forward, it is necessary to ask for the help the sex pathologist or the psychotherapist. The problem of cybersex also gives in to treatment, as well as many other problems.

What is dependence?

– The psychological dependence on cybersex is one of types of neurotic frustration. Such problems in weight arise at fast distribution and development of the technical equipment and general access to “network”. In the context of dependence on virtual sex as definitely and fatally such names of the Internet as “web” and “network” sound anywhere.

There is a lot of different inclinations to the Internet and computer. Here also the web surfing at which the person passes from the reference in the reference, from the website belongs to the website, and everything cannot stop in any way. It and dependence on dating sites when it seems that it is worth leaving it as someone will write therefore the person updates and updates a page. There is a dependence and on the porn websites without which usual sex is not interesting any more. And such terrible dependence as the game addiction which broke a set of lives.

Neurotic dependencies at which the person feels persuasive desire to repeat the certain acts becoming as a result end in itself. At emergence of such purpose the satisfaction brings not result, namely persuasive maintaining and repetition of process. But also in continuous process there is no full pleasure as the person cannot be sated with it in any way. Terribly and the fact that such behavior affects also other vital spheres. Interests personal and professional become unimportant, communication with people around falls, links in society are broken. Often the person receives understanding that only his “hobby” is interesting to it that all the rest is unimportant. Such understanding weakens forces of soul and a body, dependent constantly is tired and is irritated, hobby literally “drinks” it. Suffering it seems that any more not it operates life, and his “hobby”. So, realizing inclination and suffering, he nevertheless does not refuse “hobby” and the closed space turns out.

If to take statistics, then nearly 50 percent of the people loving sex on the Internet can get to it to the true slavery.

How often do online sex lovers meets sex-pathologists?

– It is impossible to claim that people daily come for the qualified solution and appeal to the sex-pathologist to cure them of slave virtual sex. But there are such cases that the person who handled concerning other problem, for example, erectile dysfunction, in the course of communication remembers test of occupations virtual sex.

There was a case when the guy with problems in family life, told that he was often having online sex in the presence at it the constant real partner. He realized at one “fine” moment that he begins “to fork” and lose the relations with the real partner. Then he found forces to finish virtual sex once and for all.

Whether against virtual partners wives of guys who love live sex?

– Cases when women worry concerning constant viewing by husbands of the porn websites are in practice frequent. Concerns them whether it is dependence. The problem is that it is impossible to understand it without communication with the man. With it it is necessary to lead a discussion with the examination purpose, how far it came in the habit. If the man only sometimes watches the websites with erotic contents or few times communicated to the virtual partner, then still early to think of dependence and to begin treatment. A great number of men get acquainted with the Internet, since the similar websites therefore not the fact that there is a dependence. Often women should begin with other questions. Wonder why in family the distance and a charged atmosphere began whether there is no yours in it direct participation. Sex in virtual space can be just top of problems in family and begin to treat it is necessary the relations.

How dating sites are connected with cyber sex?

– On dating sites there is a great number of fans of cybersex. Most often they do not advertise the addictions in any way, and begin communication with compliments and admiration of the interlocutor. Gradually there is an offer to bare some of parts of a body on the webcam, and then there are more frank offers. Here to track the main thing when communication comes to an end and use of the interlocutor begins. You remember also the fact that it is not always possible to remain anonymous on the Internet.

There are websites for acquaintances to the open purposes, but you should not condemn their correctness – let everyone solve whether it is necessary for it.

How do women treat virtual sex?

– Women in general do not see appeal in such sex and they seldom have a dependence on virtual sex.

In the relations girls need psychological aspect in the form of care, kindness and security. In a virtual type of sex of it is impossible to receive, it will give only a discharge to an organism. Is not present in virtual sex and reliability which is so appreciated in the woman’s relations. Besides, women have a set of other cares therefore there is no time to distract on virtual sex.

But the interest of women in live sex is rising and that is explained by aspiration of women to independence. Also, growth of number of lonely women pushes to it.

Though whatever floor there was a person if it is active socially and sexually, is self-sufficient, then it can just have no need for sex “identical natural”.