Why women hide number of sex partners, and men brag

How many sex partners did you had? The most idiotic question which the girl can hear. Idiotic because will not tell the truth. Women almost always reduce number of partners. And men, on the contrary, increase. From what?

female vs male brain

In female brain wiring the program which I call a cave brain is sewed. This program forces to be given to the best. To the strongest, rich, charismatic. To the one someone can provide the comfortable future her and posterity. And the program works even if the girl decides to have a good time after a disco! It would seem – nonsense. At modern contraceptives pregnancy probability almost zero. Sleep though with the first comer! But is not present. The option forbids to be given anyone. Such is the general rule. But …

Recently there was a lot of software piracy. With bugs and holes in protection. From here affairs with the Turkish massage therapists, sex after a couple of hours of acquaintance, the relation with several men at the same time and other stories from which mothers turn gray.

Malfunctions, oh malfunctions!

Women, it is necessary to pay tribute, the problem is understood and program failures try to hide. And reaches a joke. I remember, one young lady after several years of a relationship told that I am only the fifth man in her life. Wait a minute, I speak and you, at least, told about ten men! Two husbands, the politician, the bandit, the colleague – begin to bend fingers. In reply I hear: You that, fool?! The most part of men is not considered because there it was frivolous! You are my joy … It as though I in a rush of jealousy delivered you a shiner, and then told: You what, took offense? I it is frivolous; it is not considered!

The man perceives the woman with a large number of partners as problem. And correctly does. Because to the temperament she is not a hostess. Nobody wants that cuckolded to it. And even gave birth from another, giving out for yours. Because people do not change.

One my wife admitted that by 30 years she had … 50 men. Well and several women. As on me, it is a wild trash. Now she is married, gave rise and everything is seemingly normal. But I wait when she breaks. Because, sorry for a lofty style, dissoluteness, as well as alcoholism, are not treated. There is only a remission, on myself know.

Men are good too. Not less women lie about number of partners! What for? And to bid up. If young ladies play true and chaste, then men – alpha males. Here how many women were given me, so I oho-go! It is infantility.

As Alex told, when men brag of quantity, women are strongly dissatisfied with quality. The man, even if you really tempted a company of women, then you, most likely, just the odd fellow on a letter M. Because to you there are a lot of questions.

  • The first: and in what you in life were engaged? A relationship, even fleeting, with one hundred women demands several years of life! To you what, there was nothing to be engaged?
  • Second question: and why you left? If you such as you describe, then women have to follow you on heels and just jump out of underwear. If you were so good, then your relationship would last longer: so just you will not get rid of the woman in love! She in a bed works such wonders that you will not throw even if you will want. And if at you everything quickly came to an end, so you, most likely, any. If you become lazy and start using livesex as a way to escape from your life than this may be the reason. I think, this mutual M – and G-lies will never stop. It is that case when the lie, strangely enough, is necessary because it often serves emergence of new life. It she, yet not appeared, forces us to lie. And it is difficult for her to resist.
  • Why do women hide number of sexual partners? There is a wish to hit question with a question: and why men, actually, ask? For the sake of what? For what such purposes?
  • Arrange check on honesty? You flatter the insight and are active the nonexistent lie detector.
  • Assume experience? You overestimate the understanding of female sexuality.
  • Offhand estimate an organism condition? It enters competence of gynecologists, but not yours.
  • Estimate what temperament at the woman? But the passion is not correlated with the number of sexual partners: the last depends only on internal installations.
  • It is or perhaps simple to look how she will react to so tactless question? And this is already closer to the truth …

What question, by the way, such is and the answer. In other words, on foolish questions the initiator receives foolish answers. Therefore, having realized that, except idle curiosity with humiliation elements, this inquiry does not contain any sense – it is possible to swagger safely and to shirk as much as possible the truth which are only your intellectual, emotional and sexual property.

guy kissing girls neck

Silly girls exaggerate the number of sexual partners, seeking to seem sexually demanded, so, successful.

Clever – underestimate this number, adapting, thus, to expectations of the guy. And guys, as we know, dream of the skilled virgin (probably, the girl has to gain knowledge as Neo from the Matrix – to load into itself the role pattern of a pornstar as the hero loaded techniques of karate).

And the most ingenious – let know that this question not just broke its borders, and trampled on them as the enemy drone flying on the territory of foreign state what instant reaction of means of air defense and the subsequent note of diplomatic mission, as a rule, follows …

And if nevertheless to return from the ideal theory to vital practice, the answer to a question why women kill why women hide number of partners, is extremely simple: that everything, told by them, did not work at some point against them as lawyers in the Hollywood blockbusters speak.

Today souls in love in each other do not hope and reveal each other the most intimate secrets, and tomorrow he accuses her of treason with a couple of the soccer teams and lays over obscene words.

The sense to be honest in the most vulnerable subjects? There more as like to repeat on both parties of barricades, in the woman there has to be a riddle. And create her! Only not thick hints on the sanctity and virginity, and observance of elementary borders which in such intimate questions for some reason turn into a fence full of holes.